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March 3rd ✙ Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Readings for March 3rd, 2019

         AT THE START OF EACH MASS we are invited to examine our conscience and to call to mind our sins. This means, of course, calling to mind our own sins, not the sins of anyone else. And we must not blame others for our sins, but accept full responsibility for them ourselves.
         Let us confess our sins to God and to one another. I confess to almighty God...

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MONDAY:✟ Katherine Bates Turner, by Mary K. Bates
TUESDAY:✟ Emma Somosierra by Emma Flores
FRIDAY:✟ Melodee Bell

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Prayer List....

Mary Ann Bader Jim Mathews
Lee & Christine Crook Patti Summers
Tom Clark Sarah Bryan
Lynn Lockett John McAvoy
Denny Heikura Joe Bonchonsky
John Del' Amico Charles Ely
Barbara Entwisle Joe Spini
Marilyn Brickett Kitty Lyons
Lori Wise Robert & Cathy Neptune
Janet Renon Ed Flynn
Esther Aw Steve Smith
  Gerardo Rodriguez-Coronado

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Prayer for Our Troops

Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Please Pray for these men and women in the service of our country:

Frank Baker-Gleason, US Coast Guard Master Sgt. Matthew Rossoni, Army Commander Michael Quigley, US Navy

Kristen Chapman; USAF

Sean Eastis, USMC Sarah Manley, USAF Andy Harrison, USAF Nickolaus Swanson
SSG Trevor Oxman

Brian Tucker

Kyle McGill, US Army Infantry Nick Kenndy, USN
James Chapman Seamus Weston Alicia Delahunty Robert A. Wharton
Master Sgt. Roy Olmos Jr. Roy Walters    


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Liturgical Ministers

March 2, Saturday
Eucharist: Chuck Rosencrantntz
Cups:Deacon Ed & Tammy Pecis
Lectors: Paul Schwartz & Natalie Codianne
Altar Servers: Nathan & Jennifer Roach
Ushers: Frank Correa & Frank Melo

March 3, Sunday
Eucharist:Bruno Zamperin
Cups: Maria Zamperin & Deacon Ed Pecis
Lectors: CCD Group
Altar Servers:Jacob Chapman & Adam Domanski
Cross Bearer: Benny Gazave
Ushers: Dante Capovilla & Alvin Gracia

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Where to Start

When I was young and fired with the love of God,
I thought I would convert the whole world.
But soon I discovered that it would be quite enough to convert the people who lived in my town, and I tried for a long time to do that, but did not succeed.
Then I realized that my program was still too ambitious, so I concentrated on those in my own household. But I found that I could not convert them either.
Finally, it dawned on me: I must work on myself.
When people complain about what's wrong with the world, they are usually blaming somebody else. They should look at themselves first.
That way, they will know they are making a difference in at least one life.
We can't take anyone farther than we've gone ourselves.

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This Week's Second Reading

       One of Paul's favorite themes is that the negative law of the Old Testament by has been replaced by the positive law of Christian love. He will develop this idea in his Letter to the Romans.
       Today, he introduces it as a conclusion to his discussion of the resurrection. He paraphrases Hosea 13:14, comparing death to wasp that implants its "stinger" in a victim. Death's stinger is sin. Death has no power in an environment of love.
       We know that the Father's love will bring us to eternal life; so we no longer have to fear death or sin. We will win a victory through the power of Christ.

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Obligations During Lent

       Lent is a season in which the faithful are called to reflect on the Paschal Mystery in a particularly focused way.
****It is a time of spiritual renewal and to carefully examine one's relationship with God and others.
****It is also a time in which catechumens prepare to receive the Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil.
       The Church calls everyone, therefore, to a spirit of penance through the traditional Lenten practices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.
FASTING & ABSTINENCE: In order foster a spirit of repentance and unite ourselves more closely to Christ, Church law requires the observance of Abstinence and Fasting during Lent. All persons, 14 years and older, are obliged to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays of Lent. Other forms of abstinence, including abstinence from alcoholic beverages, television, video games, the internet and social media and other electronic devices. Lent is spiritually beneficial.
FASTING: Everyone from ages 18 to 59 is obliged to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Voluntary fasting on other weekdays of Lent, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays, is highly recommended. Fasting is generally understood to mean that one full meal may be eaten. Two other small meals may be eaten, but together they should not equal a full meal. Eating between meals is not permitted. When health or ability to work would be seriously affected, neither the law of fasting nor the law of abstinence obliges.

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Additional Study Guides!

          1. *** Scott Hahn's commentaries can be found here

          2. *** from "Our Sunday Readings"

         downloadable commentary

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To understand this week's scripture readings, please refer to our Bible Study page which has several links to more bible resources and notes.

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