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Check Out St. Joseph's Photo Gallery!

    Please check out St. Joseph's Photo gallery for the latest pictures sent by visitors and parisioners of St. Joseph's Church in McCloud!

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2022 Missal Books and Advent Reading Books

    Find time to read the advent reading book to prepare yourselves to have a meaningful Christmas. We look forward to coming together in small groups to share our reflections. The missal books are for your personal use to bring to Mass each time you attend in order to participate in the Liturgy. You can put your name and bookmarks in your copy. If you have not received your personal missal or your advent reading book, they are available in the vestibule, or you may contact the office.

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Special Mass Schedule

      On December 8, Wednesday, we will be celebrating the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception and the closing of the year of St. Joseph. This is a Holy Day of Obligation and we are offering a different mass schedule for you to have the opportunity to participate.
       Mass will be at 8:30am and 5:30pm in Mt. Shasta, and at 12noon in McCloud.

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Advent in Action

      There are 4 candles in the Advent wreath, representing the four Sundays of Advent. We assign four virtues -FAITH - HOPE - JOY - LOVE - to live by each week to prepare ourselves for Christmas.
      The first Sunday Advent is FAITH. How can we put FAITH in action this week? Here are some practical things that you can do throughout the season of advent, and you can also come up with your own:
*** Receive the Sacraments (confession, Holy Eucharist).
*** Limit your TV/computer time and spend more time in prayer.
*** Begin a Nativity scene.
*** Read the entire Gospel of Luke.
*** Turn to the Saints.
*** Do some Advent reading, such as "Life is Messy."
*** Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
*** Still the noise with sacred sounds, hymns such as "O Come, O Come Emmanuel."
*** Find a quiet time and contemplate. Make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament.
*** Send a bible passage to your friends.
And finally:
*** Tell someone about your Faith in Jesus Christ.

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*** Faith Formation and Youth Group Corner ***

**** No CCD From Dec. 20 - Dec. 31 ****

*** Faith Formation Classes are usually held on Thursdays after school in the Parish Hall unless there is a School Break. These include Reconciliation, First Communion, and continuing faith education for grades 2-6 and Confirmation.
     St. Anthony's will be offering year one and year two confirmation preparation beginning in October for all 7th, 8th, and 9th graders..
*** The Youth Group meets on Sundays at 6 pm in the Parish Hall. It is open to all youth 8th grade through high school. College students are also welcome if interested. For information please contact Paul Chapman at 530-925-1715 or email him at pchapman@campbellglobal. You can also call Donna Chapman at 530-925-4468.
*** Children's Liturgy of the Word at St. Joseph is offering a class for pre-school through 2nd grade children which takes place during the Liturgy of the Word on Sundays at the 11am mass. Everyone is welcome!
     For more information contact the Faith Formation Coordinator, Judy Sarti, at 916-201-7423 or

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Other Video Reflections of Masses

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