September 9th ✙ 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

Readings for September 9th, 2018

The Deaf Hear and the Dumb Speak

        Jesus made the deaf hear and the dumb speak. We need God to touch our ears in order to be able to hear His word and we need Him to touch our tongues in order to be able to profess our faith.
        Lord Jesus, you open our ears so that we can hear your word. Lord, have mercy.
        You touch our tongues so that we can profess our faith. Christ, have mercy.
        You touch our hearts so that we can love you and love one another. Lord, have mercy.

Agape Catholic Bible study: 23rd SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME

To understand this week's scripture readings, please refer to our Bible Study page which has several links to more bible resources and notes.

Messianic Genealogy of Jesus Christ - Click here!

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MONDAY:Thanksgiving for Megan Tabucbuc
for passing the exam;
TUESDAY:Melodee Bell;
WEDNESDAY:Kingston Kane;
FRIDAY:Katie Tadina

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Liturgy Assignments for the Next 2 Weeks

SATURDAY, September 8th - 5:00pm
Lector: Paul Schwartz
Eucharist: Lavada Erickson
Cup: Chuck Rosencrantz & Mark Clure
Servers: Elise & Linnea Dolf
Music: Folk Group
Offertory Gifts: Frank & Judy Goulart
Ushers: Frank Correa & Frank Melo

SUNDAY, September 9th - 9:00am
Lector: Mark Sadler
Eucharist: Darrold Jourdan
Cup: Deacon Ed Pecis & Cathy Jourdan
Servers: Jacob & Paul Chapman
Music: Carol Taforo & James Roach
Offertory Gifts: Jim & Katie Ostrowski
Ushers: Bruno Zamperin & Dante Capovilla

Lector::Linda Valenzuela
Eucharist: Oralee Floria
Cup: Frank & Connie Melo
Servers: Nathan & Jennifer Roach
Music: Folk Group
Offertory Gifts: Bill & Kris Acord
Ushers: Frank Correa & Frank Melo

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th - 9:00 am
Lector:Vince Reinig
Eucharist: Bruno Zamperin
Cup: Deacon Ed Pecis & Maria Zamperin
Servers: Daniel Forslund & Adam Aguirre
Music: Carol Taforo & James Roach
Offertory Gifts: Jennifer Roach & Sons
Ushers: Robert Cottini & Alvin Garcia

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Reflections: Precious Gifts

The gift of hearing is a precious gift.
But it is only with the heart that we can hear rightly.
The cry of a needy person may reach our ears, but
unless it reaches our heart, we will not feel the person's pain
and it is unlikely that we will respond.
And the gift of speech is a precious gift. But again, it is
only with the heart that we can speak rightly.
For our words to ring true, they must come from the heart.
If they come only from the lips,
they will have a hollow sound and will have little effect.
They will be like a wind that ruffles the surface of the
water but leaves the depths untouched.
But words that come from the heart, enter the heart.

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Gospel ~ All Things Well

Reflections by Scott Hahn:

        The incident in today’s Gospel is recorded only by Mark. The key line is what the crowd says at the end: “He has done all things well.” In the Greek, this echoes the creation story, recalling that God saw all the things He had done and declared them good (see Genesis 1:31).

         Mark also deliberately evokes Isaiah’s promise, which we hear in today’s First Reading, that God will make the deaf hear and the mute speak. He even uses a Greek word to describe the man’s condition (mogilalon, or “speech impediment”) that’s only found in one other place in the Bible—in the Greek translation of today’s Isaiah passage, where the prophet describes the “dumb” singing.

        The crowd recognizes that Jesus is doing what the prophet had foretold. But Mark wants us to see something far greater—that, to use the words from today’s First Reading: “Here is your God.”

         Notice how personal and physical the drama is in the Gospel. Our focus is drawn to a hand, a finger, ears, a tongue, spitting. In Jesus, Mark shows us, God has truly come in the flesh.

         What He has done is to make all things new, a new creation (see Revelation 21:1–5). As Isaiah promised, He has made the living waters of Baptism flow in the desert of the world. He has set captives free from their sins, as we sing in today’s Psalm. He has come that rich and poor might dine together in the Eucharistic feast, as James tells us in today’s Epistle.

         He has done for each of us is what He did for that deaf mute. He has opened our ears to hear the Word of God, and loosed our tongues that we might sing praises to Him.

         Let us then, in the Eucharist, again give thanks to our glorious Lord Jesus Christ. Let us say with Isaiah, here is our God, He comes to save us. Let us be rich in faith, that we might inherit the kingdom promised to those who love Him.

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