September 23rd ✙ 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Readings for September 23rd, 2018


      As Christians, we are all called to live in peace and harmony with one another. One of the things that is very damaging to unity is false ambition. This causes us to put ourselves and our own interests first.
      Let us ask the Lord to pardon our sins and to help us live by His values
.       Lord, you said "Blessed are the gentle; they will inherit the earth." Lord, have mercy.
       You said, " Blessed are those who serve; they will be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven," Christ, have mercy.
      You said, "Blessed are the peacemakers; they will be called the children of God." Lord, have mercy.

Agape Catholic Bible study: 25th SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME

To understand this week's scripture readings, please refer to our Bible Study page which has several links to more bible resources and notes.

Messianic Genealogy of Jesus Christ - Click here!

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MONDAY:Healing of the Sick of the Parish
TUESDAY:+ Melodee Bell , by Kris Acord
WEDNESDAY:All those affected by Hurricane Florence
FRIDAY:+Chiara Tadina , by the Tadina Family

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Liturgy Assignments for the Next 2 Weeks

Lector:George Kraemer
Eucharist:Mark Clure
Cup:Kris Acord and Bill Navarre.
Servers: Estefania & Alexa Luquin
Music: Folk Group
Offertory Gifts: Mary K. Bates & friend
Ushers: Dave Barnett & Tom Ravizza

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd - 9:00 am
Lector: Jim Ostrowski
Eucharist: Rosana Slezevicuipe
Cup:Deacon Ed Pecis & Alvin Garcia
Servers:Alexa Thompson & Adam Domanski
Music:Carol Taforo & James Roach
Offertory Gifts:Heather Googins & Lucille Cook
Ushers: Bruno Zamperin

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th - 5:00 am
Lector: Chuck Schlumpberger
Eucharist: Oralee Floria
Cup: Frank & Connie Melo
Servers: Nathan & Jennifer Roach
Music: Folk Group
Offertory Gifts: Oralee and Will Floria
Ushers: Frank Correa & Frank Melo

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th - 9:00 am
Lector: Sandi Meneni
Eucharist: Darrold Jourdan
Cup: Deacon Ed Pecis & Cathy Jourdan
Servers: Austin MacWilliams & Jacob Chapman
Music: Carol Taforo & James Roach
Offertory Gifts: Bruno & Maria Zamperin
Ushers: Bruno Zamperin & Dante Capovilla

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Reflections: The Rewards of the Just

God's inspiration is at work in everyone.
However, there are people whom divine inspiration seems to have no effect.
People who commit crimes cold-bloodedly, and who never rejoice at the sight of the true and the beautiful even though they seem to prosper.
Their punishment is assured even in this world. The anxieties and fears that assail them
make their prosperity a bitterness to them.
As for the just, even though their passage through life is often dogged by misfortune,
the inward satisfaction of obeying divine inspiration gives them great strength,
and is a sufficient reward for them.

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Gospel ~ Servant of All

Reflections by Scott Hahn:

      In today’s First Reading, it’s like we have our ears pressed to the wall and can hear the murderous grumblings of the elders, chief priests, and scribes—who last week Jesus predicted would torture and kill Him (see Mark 8:31; 10:33–34).
      The liturgy invites us to see this passage from the Book of Wisdom as a prophecy of the Lord’s Passion. We hear His enemies complain that “the Just One” has challenged their authority, reproached them for breaking the law of Moses, for betraying their training as leaders and teachers.
      And we hear chilling words that foreshadow how they will mock Him as He hangs on the Cross: “For if the Just One be the Son of God, He will . . . deliver Him. . .” (compare Matthew 27:41–43).
      Today’s Gospel and Psalm give us the flip side of the First Reading. In both, we hear of Jesus’ sufferings from His point of view. Though His enemies surround Him, He offers himself freely in sacrifice, trusting that God will sustain Him.
      But the apostles today don’t understand this second announcement of Christ’s passion. They begin arguing over issues of succession—over who among them is greatest, who will be chosen to lead after Christ is killed.
      Again they are thinking not as God, but as human beings (see Mark 8:33). And again Jesus teaches the Twelve—the chosen leaders of His Church—that they must lead by imitating His example of love and self-sacrifice. They must be “servants of all,” especially the weak and the helpless —symbolized by the child He embraces and places in their midst.
      This is a lesson for us, too. We must have the mind of Christ, who humbled himself to come among us (see Philippians 2:5–11). We must freely offer ourselves, making everything we do a sacrifice in praise of His name.

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