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March 24th ✙ Third Sunday of Lent

Readings for March 17th 2019

          Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish. These words were addressed by Jesus to His Contemporaries and are addressed to us in today's liturgy.
          We always begin our celebration of the Eucharist with a call to repentance. Let us listen to that call.
          Lord Jesus, you are slow to anger and rich in mercy. Lord, have mercy.
         You forgive all our guilt and heal every one of our ills. Christ, have mercy.
         As the heavens are high above the earth, so strong is our love for those who fear you. Lord, have mercy.

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MONDAY, March 25: Healing of Judy Goulart, by Jan Dusik
TUESDAY, March 26: Intentions of Karen Dettman
WEDNESDAY, March 27: ✟ Kathryn Bates-Turner, By Mary K. Bates
FRIDAY, March 29: ✟ Jerry Bates, by Mary K. Bates
SATURDAY, March 30: ✟ Frank Garcia, by Alvin & Maria Garcia

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Prayer List....

Mary Ann Bader Jim Mathews
Lee & Christine Crook Patti Summers
Tom Clark Sarah Bryan
Lynn Lockett John McAvoy
Denny Heikura Joe Bonchonsky
John Del' Amico Charles Ely
Barbara Entwisle Joe Spini
Marilyn Brickett Kitty Lyons
Lori Wise Robert & Cathy Neptune
Janet Renon Ed Flynn
Esther Aw Steve Smith
  Gerardo Rodriguez-Coronado

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Prayer for Our Troops

Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Please Pray for these men and women in the service of our country:

Frank Baker-Gleason, US Coast Guard Master Sgt. Matthew Rossoni, Army Commander Michael Quigley, US Navy

Kristen Chapman; USAF

Sean Eastis, USMC Sarah Manley, USAF Andy Harrison, USAF Nickolaus Swanson
SSG Trevor Oxman

Brian Tucker

Kyle McGill, US Army Infantry Nick Kenndy, USN
James Chapman Seamus Weston Alicia Delahunty Robert A. Wharton
Master Sgt. Roy Olmos Jr. Roy Walters    


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Liturgical Ministers

March 23, Saturday
Eucharist:Tammy Pecis
Cups:Kris Acord & Deacon Ed Pecis
Lectors:Natalie Codianne & Oralee Floria
Altar Servers: Alexa Luquin & Jan Dusik
Ushers: Dave Barnett & Tom Ravizza

March 27, Sunday
Eucharist: Sandi Meneni
Cups: Deacon Ed Pecis & Cynthia Hubbard
Lectors: Tonia Dolf & Rosanna Slezeviciute
Altar Servers:Austin McWilliams & Bruno Zamperin
Cross Bearer: Liam McWilliams
Ushers:Dan Capovilla & Mike Rodriguez

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What I fail to Do

It isn't the things you do,
it's the things you leave undone which give you a little heartache at the setting of the sun.
The gentle word forgotten,
the letter you didn't write;
the flowers you might have sent, are your haunting ghosts tonight.
The stone you might have lifted out of your brother's way;
the little heart-felt counsel you were hurried too much to say.
The tender touch of the hand,
the gentler and kindly tone,
which we have no time or thought for,
with troubles enough of our own.

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The Third Sunday of Lent

LENT: Time to Convert
      In Lent, more than in any other period of the year, God is inviting us with insistence to change our wrong ways that can only lead to death and ruin.
       In the Gospel, Jesus is showing us how we can see in all the events the Lord’s call to choose his ways; and since
the time is short, we should make our choice
       The first reading tells us about Moses, impulsive but sincere, who changed his life radically. When called by God he gave up all his little plans and accepted the Lord’s proposal to return to Egypt and liberate his people.
       However, the journey to freedom is long and toilsome. Once in the desert, the children of Israel gave
in to so many temptations. This is also what happens to
us Christians, even when we choose to follow the ways
of the Lord. This is the message of the second reading.   

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Why Do Churches Display Crucifixes?

         The crucifix is not just a part of our Catholic identity. The Catholic church requires that a crucifix be visible during the celebration of Mass to remind us of the sacrifice of Jesus which is made present for us each time we celebrate the Holy Eucharist. It is a powerful representation of the body and blood Jesus shed for us.
         To Catholics, the crucifix is a symbol of the ultimate act of love. A cross recalls the resurrection and Jesus’ triumph over death. That is important to us, too.
         To fully understand our own redemption, we need to be reminded of what Jesus had to endure, namely His passion and death, before the resurrection. We are also reminded that God gave His only son for our salvation. The crucifix is a full image of our redemption.

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Messianic Genealogy Chart of Jesus Christ - Click this link or image below for bigger version!

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