Cup Ministry Suspended/Hand Contact

The flu season has come early this year. The California Dept. of Public Health reports that the incidence of flu and flu-like illnesses has reached a level requiring that we enact preventive measures to mitigate the possibility of infection at Mass.
Bishop Soto has issued the following directives:
• The use of the Communion cup is suspended temporarily.
• Receive the Body of Christ in the hand
• Do not shake hands. Offer the sign of Peace to those around you with a simple nod, saying “peace be with you.”
• Do not hold hands during the Our Father.
• The obligation to attend Mass does not apply to those who
are sick. If you are sick, stay home and take of yourself.
Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

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Special Thanks to All Involved

       A fabulous turn-out was seen by all who attended our Christmas Party at the Parish Hall.
       The CCD students, past and present, performed a delightful skit on stage. Songs were sung, games played, delicious food was served. And a great time was had by all.

CCD Kids at the Christmas Party

       Special thanks to Katy Ostrowski for organizing this special event and with the help of too many people to list.

Katy Ostrowski

        We are truly a blessed parish community and grateful to all who help to make it so.

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Ongoing Arise Program

     Our Arise Together in Christ Program takes place during the daytime class on Thursdays at 9am in the church.
     Our evening class is on Mondays at 7 PM in the hall. This is a great opportunity to develop a closer relationship with Christ as we enter into the advent season.
      I truly hope to see you there.
      Deacon Ed

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Firewood for Those in Need

     A very generous parishioner has some firewood to be donated to a needy family, a single mom or a senior. If you know of someone who could use this firewood, please call Kevin at (530) 925-8033.

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Prayer List

Your prayers are requested for these Parishioners and Friends

James Herfindahl John Dell'Amico
Angie Pigoni Barbara Entsisle
Oralee Floria Marilyn Birkett
Barbara Crownover Lori Wise
Barbara J. Ferguson Janet Renon
Penny Davis Jim Mathews
Marian Bryant Sarah Bryan
Randy Bertolucci John McAvoy
Ted Lockett Joe Bonchonsky
Jean Marie Sylwanowicz Joe Spini
Nellie del Nero Kitty Lyons
Sandy Zan Ed Flynn
Rebecca Weston Robert & Cathy Neptune
Lyn Lockett Steve Smith
Rita Heikura Gerardo Rodriguez-Coronado

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