This Week's First Reading

      Jonah was a minor Jewish prophet in the 8th century B.C. According to the Book of Jonah he was ordered by God to leave Israel and convert Iraq. He isn't thrilled with the and runs away. Eventually he agrees to the project. He heads for Nineveh, the capital of Iraq. Amazingly he meets with a huge success in only one day. The pagans have more faith than the men of God.

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World Marriage Day: Renewal of Vows

      On Saturday, February 24th Bishop Myron Cotta will preside at a special 11:00 am Mass at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in which married couples may renew their marital commitments. An informal reception for couples and their families will follow. Special certificates will be given to couples celebrating milestone anniversaries).
      If you are interested in attending this free event, please register (names and anniversary year) at For more information call the Dept. of Evangelization& Catechesis at (916) 733-0123.

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2017 Donations Statement

      Documents for your donations for 2017 taxes have been sent out for 2017. If you did not get one or have any questions please call Kathleen at (530)926-4477.

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CCD Corner

      We read this week the story of How Jesus performed the miracle by multiplying and fish and how he fed five thousand people.
Here are some of the childrens' thoughts for this week.

CORRINA: "Jesus made a miracle to proof that he loves us and will care for us and as long as we love him, we will not go hungry.”

AUSTIN: “The meaning of this miracle is something great that only God can explain and he loves.”

CAMILLA: “ The meaning of the story is just like the bread and fish, love and care multiplies throughout loved ones. When we are kind to one another it spreads and inspires others.”

      A miracle is God’s way of telling all people that he is there to love you and help you in all problems like hunger, sickness, poorness and homeless.

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