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A Big Thank You!

       Congratulations St. Anthony Church for our float winning first prize in the Carnivale Parade and second prize in Mt. Shasta Fourth of July parade! It was a fun opportunity to make our parish more visible to the community.
        Thank you Scott, Karen, Ed, all the decorators and parade participants for your excellent work with our float!

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Helping Hands Needed

       Our church garden has tremendous growth due to the wet spring, and we could use more people to lend a hand with weeding and pruning. If you can be of service let us know at the church office. Thanks!

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Missionary Cooperative Appeal

       The Missionary Cooperative Appeal is an annual program in which missionaries from around the world speak at each parish. The goal of this appeal is to increase awareness of missionary work and to raise funds to help missionary organizations continue their evangelization efforts.
       This weekend, our parish will be visited by a visiting missionary. He will share with us their courageous evangelization efforts on behalf of the Catholic Church and give us an opportunity to support their work in the field. A second collection will be taken up following their presentation. Special envelopes will be provided for your convenience.

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***Continuation ( Missionary Cooperative Appeal)

       Donations made by check should be made payable to the parish. All funds collected throughout the Diocese will be equally divided among the 50 missionary organizations visiting the Diocese of Sacramento this year. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

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Attention: Knights of Colunbus

       All Brother Knights are invited to attend the SAINTS & SINNERS GOLF & BBQ. The event will take place on Monday, August 12th at 4pm at the McCloud Golf Course.
       All KOC members, their guests and potential Knights are welcome.
Golf & Dinner:
$40; Dinner only $25; Golf only: $15 (non-members).
Priests: No Charge.
        Please RSVP by August 1st to Dante Capovilla at (530) 926-3168.

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The Gabriel Project Needs You!

       Many women faced with crisis pregnancies are abandoned by their families, the fathers of their babies and their communities. More and more, they are poor and in their teens. Some are homeless. Most feel afraid. Now comes a way we can do something together–a way to combine the special power of prayer with a commitment to service - The Gabriel Project!
        The Gabriel Project is a church-based outreach whose volunteers offer assistance to women and families facing difficult or crisis pregnancies. Participating churches will "advertise" this commitment by placing a "Sign of Hope", with its "800" number Helpline, which assures any woman that the local Christian community cares for her and is prepared to offer immediate and practical help with her pregnancy. Callers to the Helpline are referred to the nearest appropriate church coordinator. The coordinator and the church volunteers - “Angels”- work with local community resources to meet the mother's needs

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