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Our Condolences to the Family of Winnie

       Winnie Turrin, formerly of McCloud, passed away on August 7 at a facility in Burney at the age of 98. She was a long time parishioner of St. Joseph. We send our prayers to her family and friends

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St. Vincent de Paul Needs:Hamburger Helper & Canned Beans(Legumes)

       Each week the St. Vincent de Paul Society distributes food to the needy. To supplement every first Sunday, the SVDP food collection replenishes the food bank each week by letting you know what item or items to add to your grocery list. This is to contribute in feeding the hungry through the community food bank run by our St. Vincent de Paul Society.
       St. Joseph's Church has joined the food drive and shall be collecting the same NON-PERISHABLE food items each week. There is a box in the vestibule for these items.
   For more information call (530)926-3061.

This week’s items are:
Hamburger Helper & Canned Beans

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Bring in Your Used Egg Cartons

       St. Vincent de Paul could use your empty egg cartons. Please drop them off in the area where you also leave food donations. Thank you!

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Special Collection for the Archdiocese

       This weekend we will be supporting our family and friends who have served this nation with distinction. The Collection for the Archdiocese for the Military Services will provide the Gospel, the sacraments and other forms of spiritual support to the men and women of the United States armed forces wherever they serve, no matter the circumstances.
        Please prayerfully consider a generous contribution to the national Collection for the Archdiocese for the Military Services.

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Mass Time Change for Monday,Nov. 11th

       Father Patrick has asked that Mass on Monday, November 11 be celebrated at 9 am (instead of noon), as he will be heading back to Sacramento on that day.
        We wish him Godspeed and thank him for filling in while Father Lester is away.

Goodbye, Father Patrick and Thank You for everything!

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