St. Joseph's Catholic Church Corner


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A Big Thank You

     We would like to thank our former parishioners Randy and Anita Wittig for their very generous donation to St. Anthony. May God bless them for their generosity and love for St. Anthony Church.
      We pray for their intentions and continued good health.

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Hospitality Sunday Next Weekend

     Next Sunday is HOSPITALITY SUNDAY. A continental breakfast is served after Sunday Mass with breakfast snacks, muffins, donuts, and orange juice, coffee/tea.
     Please join us and meet your fellow parishioners. Thanks to the Knights of Columbus for hosting this month’s breakfast!

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Feast of the Infant Jesus

     Sunday, January 26th will be the Feast of the Infant Jesus. Father will be inviting children up for a blessing after Mass, and he asks them to bring an image of the Infant Jesus with them, if they have one.

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Prayer List

Your prayers are requested for these Parishioners and Friends

Liz Pyles *****
Chuck Ely John Dell'Amico
James Herfindahl Barbara Enstwisle
Angie Pigoni Marilyn Birkett
Oralee Floria Lori Wise
Barbara Crownover Janet Renon
Barbara J. Ferguson Jim Mathews
Penny Davis Patti Summers
Marian Bryant Sarah Bryan
Randy Bertolucci John McAvoy
Ted Lockett Joe Bonchonsky
Jean Marie Sylwanowicz Joe Spini
Nellie del Nero Ed Flynn
Sandy Zan Robert & Cathy Neptune
Lynn Lockett Steve Smith

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