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January 12th, 2020 ✙ Epiphany of the Lord

Readings for January 12th, 2020

        TODAY WE CELEBRATE the Baptism of Jesus. Jesus, the Sinless One, joined the queue of sinners, and was baptized by his cousin, John in the waters of the Jordan. He did so in order that he might free us from the power of sin.
         Let us pause to call to mind our sins, and our need for purification and liberation.
         Lord, you were sent to heal the contrite of heart. Lord, have mercy.
         Lord, you came to call sinners to repentance. Christ, have mercy.
        Lord, you plead for us at the right hand of the Father. Lord, have mercy.

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MONDAY, January 13th:✟ Joe Bonneville, Sr. by Jan Weldon
TUESDAY, January 14th:✟ John Lamanna, by Jan Weldon
WEDNESDAY, January 15th :Intentions of & Healing of LaVada Erickson, by Jan Dusik
FRIDAY, January 17th: ✟ Robert Kosowicz, by Carolyn Connolly

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Why Did Jesus Ask to be Baptised?

       Neither John nor Jesus invented baptism. It had been practiced for centuries among the Jews as a ritual equivalent of Confession. Until the fall of the Temple in 72 A.D. it was common for Jewish people to make a spiritual cleansing in a special pool called a MIKVEH--literally a "collection of water". This was said to remove spiritual impurity and sin.
        Men did this weekly on the eve of the Sabbath. Women did it monthly. Converts were also expected to do it before entering Judaism. Orthodox Jews still retain the rite.
        John preached that such a bath was a necessary preparation for the cataclysm that would be wrought by the coming Messiah. Jesus transformed this continual ritual into the one single, definitive act by which we begin our faith. In effect he fused his divine essence with the water and the ceremony.

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       Cornelius was one of the first Gentiles converted to Christianity. He was a Roman Centurion. Centurions were non-commissioned officers, roughly equivalent to Sergeant-Majors. They were in charge of Centuries--companies of approximately 100 men.
        Peter had just experienced a vision in which God told him that it was permissible to eat non-kosher food. Had it not been for this revelation, Peter might never have entered the home of this important army leader. Jews avoided contact with pagans. The apostle's bold act would open the doors to all future conversions.

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Reflections (Continuation)

We are Baptised

Baptism was not over and done with the day we were taken to the font.
We are baptized by all that happens to us in life.
We are baptized by hardship; in its turbulent waters we are purified of all that is false and useless.
We are baptized by suffering; in its murky waters we grow in humility and compassion.
We are baptized by joy; in its gurgling waters we experience the goodness of life.
We are baptized by love; in its singing waters we blossom like flowers in the sun.
Baptism is like the planting of a seed.
It will take a lifetime for this seed to grow and ripen.

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Why Do Catholics do That?

Why Was Jesus Baptised if He was Without Sin?
Much of what Jesus did in His ministry was to be an example for us. Though He was sinless, Jesus allowed himself to be baptized by John as a visible sign of his willingness to obey the Father’s will.
Doing the Father’s will is what He wants from us.
After Jesus was baptized the skies opened up and the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus, “And a voice came from the heavens, saying ‘this is my beloved Son,
with whom I am well pleased.’ ”
(Matthew 3:17)
Baptism is often called “The Gateway Sacrament,” because it is the first one we receive when coming into the Catholic Church and the Sacrament that precedes all the others. It is usually administered to infants for this reason.
Baptism is key to our own redemption, so it is fitting that Jesus led the way. We follow Him.
“There is the whole mystery;
He died for you.
In Him you are redeemed, in Him you are saved.”

(CCC, No. 1225)

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A Prayer for our Troops

Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Please Pray for these men and women in the service of our country:

Tim Birimisa-Fasano,Army Brian Tucker
Frank Baker-Gleason, US Coast Guard Kyle McGill, US Army Infantry
Master Sgt. Matthew Rossini, Army

Nick Kennedy, USN

Commander Michael Quigley,US Navy James Chapman
Kristin Chapman, USAF Seamus Weston
Sarah Manley, USAF Alicia Delahunty
Andy Harrison, USAF Robert A. Wharton
Nickolaus Swanson Master Sgt. Ray Olmos Jr.
SSG Trevor Oxman Roy Walters


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