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November 3rd ✙ 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings for November 3rd, 2019

        IN THE GOSPEL TO TODAYS MASS, we see the Lord's compassion towards a sinner–the tax-collector Zacchaeus. The Lord extends His compassion to us too, as we now call to mind our sins.
        Lord Jesus, you are kind and full of compassion. Lord, have mercy.
        You are slow to anger and abounding in love. Christ, have mercy.
        You support all who fall, and raise all who are bowed down. Lord, have mercy.

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Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Please Pray for these men and women in the service of our country:

Tim Birimisa-Fasano, Army Brian Tucker
Frank Baker-Gleason, US Coast Guard Kyle McGill, US Army Infantry
Master Sgt. Matthew Rossini, Army Nick Kennedy, US Navy
Commander Michael Quigley, US Army James Chapman
Kristin Chapman, USAF Seamus Weston
Sarah Manley, USAF Alicia Delahunty
Andy Harrison, USAF Robert A. Wharton
Nickolaus Swanson Master Sgt. Ray Olmos Jr.
SSG Trevor Oxman Roy Walters

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Your prayers are requested for these Parishioners and Friends

Penny Davis Lori Wise
Marianne Bryant Janet Renon
Randy Berolucci Jim Mathews
Ted Lockett Patti Summers
Jean Marie Sylwanowicz Sarah Bryan
Nellie Del Nero John McAvoy
Sandy Zan Joe Bonchonsky
Rebecca Weston Joe Spini
Lynn Lockett Kitty Lyons
Denny Heikura Ed Flyn
John Dell'Amico Robert & Cathy Neptune
Barbara Entwisle Steve Smith
Marilyn Birkett Gerardo Rodriguez-Coronado

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November 2nd, Saturday
Eucharist: Chuck Rosencrantz
Cups:Frank Melo & Deacon Ed Pecis
Lectors: Jan Davis & Chuck Schlumpberger
Altar Servers: Nathan(Altar Prep) & Jennifer Roach (Book)
Cross Bearer: ****
Ushers:Tom Ravizza & Dave Barnett
2nd Collection: SVDP

November 3rd, Sunday
Eucharist:Bruno Zamperin
Cups:Maria Zamperin & Deacon Ed Pecis
Lectors:Leslie LaGro & Jim Ostrowski
Altar Servers:Jacob Chapman (Altar Prep) & Alexa Luquin (Book)
Cross Bearer:Liam McWilliams
Ushers: Alvin Garcia & Mike Rodriguez
2nd Collection:SVDP

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Why Do Cathothics Do That?


A VOCATION is a call from God to love him throughout your life. Whether you are called to be married, a priest or deacon, a religious brother or sister, or committed to staying single, your vocation will bring you the most joy you can experience
on earth. It will help you and others to grow closer to God.
Here are 3 ways of discerning God’s plan for you.
1) Personally meet Him. The Church’s sacraments are opportunities to meet God personally and receive his grace. The more we open ourselves up to our Lord, the more easily we can discern His voice.
2) Follow in another’s footsteps. Find role models in the different vocations. See if you can picture yourself doing what he or she does each day. Ask for details of their vocation stories to see how God chose them.
3) Keep in touch. Keeping a prayer journal is a good way to spot patterns that may show God is working in your life. Spend time in front of the Blessed Sacrament when you can.
(Growing in Faith)

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Change of Heart

It is only with the heart that we can repent rightly.
Repentance must involve a change of heart. Anything less won't produce a new being.
It will be like decapitating weeds while leaving their roots intact. But if we change our hearts, then we will change our lives too.
After his encounter with Jesus, Zacchaeus' heart burst into life like a desert landscape after a rainfall.
Fear can't produce a conversion of heart; only an encounter with love can.
Zacchaeus' conversion was a conversion to goodness. All of us stand in daily need of such a conversion. We need to move from a closed heart to an open heart, from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh.

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Zacchaeus and the Sycamore

        Jericho is a city of turning points. It is an oasis that serves as a crossroads between Galilee and Jerusalem and between Israel, Jordan and Egypt. It is here that Jesus will take the road that will lead to Calvary. It is also the home of a hated and rich, mercenary tax collector named Zacchaeus. His fellow Jews see him only as a collaborator with the Roman occupation forces. He has reached the peak of his career but is unsatisfied. He has few if any friends. His last chance may be to reform by turning to Jesus.
        Being short of stature, he climbs a sycamore tree. This is not the stately plant of America, nor that of Eurasia. It is a variety of fruit tree, often known as the "poor man's fig". There is a bit of satire in the fact that he climbs a plant grown for the impoverished.

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