Mass Theme

January 26th, 2020 ✙ Third Sunday of Ordinary Time

Readings for January 26th, 2020

        THE PEOPLE THAT LIVED in darkness have seen a great light." This is how St. Matthew describesthe impact of Jesus' ministry. That light shines on us now as we gather in the Lord's name. Let us reflect for a moment on our need of this precious light.
         Lord Jesus, you cause the light of faith to shine on us. Lord, have mercy.
         Lord Jesus, you cause the light of hope to shine on us. Christ, have mercy.
         Lord Jesus, you cause the light of love to shine on us. Lord, have mercy.

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MONDAY, January 27th ✟ John Lamanna, by Kris & Bill Acord
TUESDAY, January 28th:✟ Robert & Phyllis Perry, By Carolyn Connolly
WEDNESDAY, January 29th :Intentions/Healing of Louie Cottini, by Jan Weldon
Thanksgiving for the Baptism of Austin, Liam & Irelynn McWilliams, by Leslea Lagro
FRIDAY, January 31st:✟ John Lamanna, by Lucille Cook

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Why Do Catholics Do That?

What Is Holy Mass?
The Catechism calls the Eucharist “the heart and summit of the Church’s life. And we are called to participate as fully and enthusiastically as possible.

Things To Do in Mass
1) Cross yourself with Holy Water on entering and leaving the church. This is a reminder of our Baptism which made us members of Christ’s Church.
2) Show up at least a few minutes early. Getting to Mass early allows you to pray and prepare yourself better for Mass.
3) Dress modestly and appropriately. Wear your Sunday Best. We believe that God comes down to meet us at every Mass. So, why would we not dress up?
4) Fast before Mass. It is Church law that one fasts for at least 1 hour before receiving Holy Communion. The purpose is to help us prepare to receive Jesus in the Eucharist.

Things Not To Do in Mass
1) Cell phones should never be used in Mass for calls or texting. The exceptions are emergencies and if you do use, please walk out of church to do so.
2) Don’t chew gum in church. It breaks your fast, its distracting, it is considered impolite in a formal setting, and it doesn’t help us pray better.– it is not the time or place to visit with those around you. If you talk do so as quietly and briefly as possible. Remember that your conversation might be disturbing someone who is in prayer, which is much more important.
3) Please be quiet while in church. Once you enter the church

(Mass Etiquette: Things To Do and Not Do in Mass)

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An Instrument of His Love

Lord, make me an instrument of your love.
Where the darkness of lonliness reigns
let me bring the light of friendship.
Where the darkness of bitterness reigns
let me bring the light of forgiveness.
Where the darkness of hurt reigns
let me bring the light of healing.
Where the darkness of discord reigns
let me bring the light of harmony.
Where the darkness of sadness reigns
let me bring the light of joy.
Where the darkness of doubt reigns
let me bring the light of faith.
Where the darkness of despair reigns
let me bring the light of hope.
And where the darkness of hatred reigns
let me bring the light of love.

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A Universal Church

        Paul's success in winning converts in Corinth, Greece attracted considerable interest among other missionaries. One of these was an Egyptian Jew named Apollos. The latter knew only a limited amount about Christianity, having been a disciple of John the Baptist. In Ephesus Paul took him aside and explained the full range of Jesus' teachings. Apollos then went to Corinth and founded a second church.
         Peter also seems to have followed this pattern. Eventually there were four separate Christian communities in the city and a jealous struggle developed between them.
         Paul teaches that there should be only one church--that of Jesus Christ. It would be a universal or catholic church.

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A Prayer for our Troops

Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Please Pray for these men and women in the service of our country:

Tim Birimisa-Fasano,Army Brian Tucker
Frank Baker-Gleason, US Coast Guard Kyle McGill, US Army Infantry
Master Sgt. Matthew Rossini, Army

Nick Kennedy, USN

Commander Michael Quigley,US Navy James Chapman
Kristin Chapman, USAF Seamus Weston
Sarah Manley, USAF Alicia Delahunty
Andy Harrison, USAF Robert A. Wharton
Nickolaus Swanson Master Sgt. Ray Olmos Jr.
SSG Trevor Oxman Roy Walters


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