February 17th & 18th, 2018
✙ First Sunday of Lent Time

Sunday Readings for February 18th , 2018

      EACH OF US is involved in a constant struggle against temptation. We see from the Gospel that Jesus too was tempted. Hence, He understands our weakness in the face of temptation. And because he was victorious over temptation, he can help us.
      Let us then approach Him with confidence, asking for the help we need to overcome our temptations. Lord Jesus, you strengthen us when we are weak. Lord, have mercy.
     You lift us up when we fall. Christ, have mercy.
     You see us out when we are lost. Lord, have mercy..

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Scott Hahn's commentaries can be found here

Agape Catholic Bible study : First Sunday of Lent

To understand this week's scripture readings, please refer to our Bible Study page which has several links to more bible resources and notes.

Messianic Genealogy of Jesus Christ - Click here!

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Monday: Debbie Rossetto; Tuesday: James & Beth Armstrong; Wednesday: Heidi Goebel; Thursday: No Mass; Friday: John Garcia

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Church Ministers for the Next 2 Weeks

SATURDAY, February 17th - 5:00pm
Lector: Chuck Schlumpberger
Eucharist: Bill Navarre
Cup: cup suspended due to influenza
Servers: Elise & Linnea Dolf
Music: Folk Group
Offertory Gifts: Frank & Judy Goulart
Ushers: Mark Clure & Bill Acord

SUNDAY, February 18th - 9:00am
Lector: Mark Sadler
Eucharist: Darrold Jourdan
Cup: cup suspended due to influenza
Servers: Adam Domanski & Daniel Forslund
Music: Carol Taforo & James Roach
Offertory Gifts: Jim & Katie Ostrowski
Ushers: Robert Cottini & Alvin Garcia

SATURDAY, February 24th - 5:00pm
Lector: Goerge Kraemer
Eucharist: Mark Clure
Cup: cup suspended due to influenza
Servers: Estefania & Alexa Luquin
Music: Folk Group
Offertory Gifts: Richard & Anna Mamayek
Ushers: Dave Barnett & Tom Ravizza

SUNDAY, February 25th - 9:00am
Lector: Vince Reinig
Eucharist: Ed Pecis
Cup: cup suspended due to influenza
Servers: Jacob & Paul Chapman
Music: Carol Taforo & James Roach
Offertory Gifts: Vince & Kristie Reinig
Ushers: Bruno Zamperin & Jim Mathews

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** To download a copy of the Church's Monthly Calendar, please please click the text or the image below or go to our calendar page.


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Lent: Springtime of the Spirit

      Each year the trees give us a lesson in renewal. First the bud, then the blossom, and finally the shoot. Spring dresses the trees in a new robe, and makes them young again. But this is possible only because in autumn they let go of their old leaves, and in between endure a period of nakedness. Lent is in the springtime of the spirit.
       Lord, help us not to be afraid to let go of old habits, and to face our spiritual poverty, in order that you may renew us, and do at Easter we will feel young again in our discipleship.

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Regular Church Calendar of St. Anthony Parish, Mount Shasta

Knights Of Columbus Officers Meeting: 1st Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at St.Anthony's
Knights of Columbus General Membership Meeting:
Third Thursday of the month at 7:15 pm at the St.Anthony's Parish Hall
Altar Society Meeting Second Tuesday of each month at 12:30 pm after Mass at noon. The Rosary will be said before Mass at 11:30 am.
St. Vincent de Paul Society Second Friday of each month at 12:30 pm at the small hall
Rosary Recitation of the Rosary on the second Sunday of each month immediately after Mass
Bingo Every Wednesday evening at the Parish Hall. Doors open at 5:00 pm. Game begins at 6:00 pm.

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Lenten Soup Schedule

        Each Friday during Lent, beginning Feb. 16th, you can participate in Stations of the Cross at 6pm. Afterwards, there will be a soup dinner in the Parish Hall, in the Lenten tradition of abstinence and fasting. Please join us.

Friday, February 23rd Host: Altar Scociety
Friday, March 2nd Host: Bereavement Committee
Friday, March 9th Host: St. Vincent de Paul
Friday, March 16th Host: Music Group
Friday, March 23rd Host: CCD Group

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Christ the King Women's Retreat

            St Paul of the Cross calls us to retreat from the world to renew our devotion to Jesus and his passion during Lent.
            There is no better place than Christ the King Retreat Center to refresh yourself in the loving embrace of like-minded Catholic women.
           Our parish women's retreat weekend is on March 9 to 11. The cost for a single room is $230; for a shared room it is $210. Please call Lucille Cook at (530)926- 1929 for more information or to get a registration form.

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Saint Vincent de Paul Needs: Breakfast Bars

      Each week the St. Vincent de Paul Society distributes food to the needy. To supplement the first Sunday SVDP food collection they regularly replenish the food bank. Each week they will let you know what item to add to your grocery list. This will help the community food bank run by our St. Vincent de Paul Society contribute in feeding the hungry. This week’s item is: Snack and Breakfast Bars. There is a box in the vestibule. Please put your contribution there and stay tuned for next week’s item.

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