Letter From Father Lester , 10-22-20

Beloved Parish Family, How are you and your family? I hope that you are all doing well as we are now starting to experience the chilly weather this FALL. As I drive around seeing the different bright colors of the trees, I feel a spirit of Hope. I pray for you that you may stay strong and hopeful in the midst of the challenges brought about by the pandemic and election time. In God we TRUST!

I would like to thank you for your financial support and overwhelming generosity to our Church. The collection amounts for the past three weeks reveal your presence to our Parish Family even though some of you are still unable to attend Mass for now.

I remind you that this week is the last chance for you to turn in your Stewardship Commitment Renewal form. I look forward to your participation and making stewardship a way of life

Together we offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for our beloved dead in the month of November. Kindly make a list of the names of your deceased loved ones and drop it in the collection basket or at the office any time before November 1. I invite you to bring pictures of your deceased loved ones and we will make an altar where we as a Parish Family together remember them and pray for them.

On Monday, November 2, we will have a prayer service for All Souls Day at the McCloud Cemetery at 10 am, and at the Mt. Shasta Cemetery at 3 pm. Following the service I will visit the individual graves for prayer and blessing. I hope that you are able to come and join us.

Thank you for taking your time to read our bulletin and watch our YouTube channel. Let us continue to be connected with our Parish and with our fellow parishioners.

Fr. Lester

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Readings for October 25, 2020

Excerpt from "Today in Focus" from Living with Christ Missal

       Jesus summarizes all of divine law in love which embraces the totality of our relationship wiyth God, self,and neighbor.Serving our neighbor draws us more fully into th heart of God, and knowing ourselves loved by God propels us to love our neighbor.
       ....We must continually discern how we can be in solidarity with our neighbor in new ways. May God's grace help us, like the Thessalonians, to receive the word with joy, seeking continuously to be people oj justice, living out our faith in a way that makes love known

by Vanessa & Michael Nicholas-Schmidt

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"Living wirh Christ This Week" from Living with Christ Missal

       Celebrating the Eucharist reminds us to create a right relationships with God and others. This week Paul urges the Ephesians to create the right order in their households, and he urges the Philippians to greater sharing as partners in the proclamation of the Gospel. Jesue teaches that right relationships include a compassion that leads to healing and a humility that guides our prayer and sense of who we are.

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Reflections for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

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